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Jasper Vice

Legends Untold

Fantasy Flying Action-Adventure

Set in Aethra, the floating islands in the sky, this game centers around the joy and beauty of flight. Follow Jasper, a young gryphon, through a series of challenges to prove his skill and determination to be worthy to join an elite group of heroes, called The Voyagers.

Feature Highlights


Intuitive Flight System

Look ma, only one hand! Want to do loop-de-loops? 


Difficult Challenges

From puzzles to feats of aerobatics, this will not be an easy test!


Beautiful world

Enjoy the Floating Isles from any angle!


Engaging Characters

Interact with a variety of species on your journey through the sky!

Development Screenshots

wings by yudi from the Noun Project

Eagle by FELIX FX from the Noun Project

challenge by Justin Blake from the Noun Project

clouds by Icon Island from the Noun Project

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